Friday, June 5, 2015

Why You Need to Stay Positive in Life

This is being written in real time.

I could just tell the story. But instead, I will tell the story by writing it down.

This is because, staying positive is what is guiding me in life. Staying positive is resulting in real positive things.

Staying positive brought me a literary agent.

Staying positive helped my daughter get a new job, my son-in-law get a new job. They just don't know that my being positive helped create the atmosphere that led them to getting good results.

Being positive also makes me a bit talkative. Sorry, Jodie, my loving wife, but this is what you taught me to do, over and over for some 37 years of marriage. I just wasn't listening. Now I am listening. And I am acting on your advice. And I am talking about it. And yes, I will shut up when you say to me to shut up.

So, I will shut up now. And show everybody the power of being positive. I cannot take credit for the following in any way. I just am positive. And I see results in life. In my family's life.

Thanks for reading this. Now I can go to sleep at last. But first, I share.

Tweeted at 01:00 Friday morning Israel time. You can see this on my Twitter profile. Somewhere.

This I saw, by chance, on Facebook 20 minutes later. I don't use Facebook a lot, and certainly not to promote my writing. (Yeah, right - every single article I ever write is posted on Facebook). Okay, but this did happen at 01:25 Friday morning Israel time.

Rose Nisker is my first cousin's only child. My first cousin is Wes Nisker. According to the Buddhist Bible (which Wes believes in, not me) and according to Wikipedia (which I believe in): Wes ("Scoop") Nisker (born 1942) is an author, radio commentator, comedian, and Buddhist meditation instructor.[1] Nisker is a longtime fixture on San Francisco radio station KFOG. He has become well known for the catchphrase, "If you don't like the news ... go out and make some of your own,"

Wes grew up in Norfolk, Nebraska. I grew up in Sioux City, Iowa. He is a bit older than me. (Ha, ha, cousin, a LOT older than me).

But, I digress. As Jodie says, I need to get to the point.

I congratulated my cousin Rose according to the Jewish custom. Wait, I should introduce her. Rose, who came to visit me and my family in Israel with Wes a long time ago (Wes - hint, hint), is a trapeze artist with Cirque du Soleil in Vegas. Do you readers need a link to know what that is? (Rose, I apologize if I got your job description wrong).

In any case, this is what I commented to her in Israel time and she responded in Las Vegas time, all of it happening in real time.

I don't take credit for introducing the bride-to-be with her partner. (Sorry, Rose, but I don't even know the sex, religion, or age of your partner-to-be).

I am just the first member of my family to say Mazal Tov, and I'm happy for you.

Please Rose, take your honeymoon in Israel.

And that's the result of my being positive tonight. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

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  1. I agree with positive thoughts = positive outcomes. I don't understand it fully myself but I can act as a witness to it. I try to remember that when negativity creeps in... worrying does nothing. Action yields results...