Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Sofia Book Fair

My novel THE BURGAS AFFAIR - БYPГАСКАТА АФЕРА is currently on display at the Ciela stand at the Sofia Book Fair.

This is your chance to get a copy! I will be in Sofia June 14 -21 and will be glad to autograph your copy.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Burgas Affair - БYPГАСКАТА АФЕРА - In Bookstores!

I am proud to announce that my novel The Burgas Affair has just been published by Ciela in Bulgaria - БYPГАСКАТА АФЕРА.

The book is already available in bookstores and will be published in a digital edition next week. Special thanks to good friends Matthew and Laura Sperber now traveling in Bulgaria for their visit to a bookstore and buying a copy!

For those who read English - you'll just have to wait. The original English version of my novel will hopefully be published one day soon!

Friday, May 6, 2016

You've Got Mail, 42 Years Later

Taughannock Falls
My wife hails from Ithaca, New York. In 1971, along with her parents and sisters, she made aliyah – the family moved to Israel. Even now, over 40 years later, Jodie has fond memories of her childhood – of walking to school in the snow-covered streets, of summers spent on the shores of Cayuga Lake, of visits to Cornell University, and of enjoying the beauty of the many waterfalls around the city.

For nearly forty years, Jodie spoke of these memories and her only lament was that she couldn’t share them with me. “I want to show you where I grew up,” she told me repeatedly. In comparison to the unexciting scenery of Sioux City, Iowa, where I was born, “Ithaca is much more beautiful,” she would say. “Someday I want to take you there.”

That someday came in the summer of 2013. We traveled to the States for a family wedding and to meet up with good friends. And we took a detour with our rented car to Ithaca for the long-awaited visit to the town where Jodie had grown up.