Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Welcome Message

Thank you for visiting my blog! I would like to introduce myself:

I write a lot. I write book reviews, travel articles about Bulgaria, and I give tips to help aspiring writers. I write about churches in Israel, poker and sex, food, Goodreads, how to stay positive in life, Maori battle dances, and my literary career - including the fact that I just signed with a literary agent to sell my recently completed new novel.

I have always wanted to become a published author. I self-published Valley of Thracians in January 2013. After that, my goal was to establish a platform in order to increase my reputation as a writer. As part of this process, I began using Twitter. Twitter is my main platform. This decision was partially based on the fact that you are limited to 140 characters a tweet. My first novel was 103,000 words long. You do the math.

Speaking of Twitter, if you don't know how to use it, here are some tips.

I share everything. How to sell 910 copies of your book in one week. How to find time to write if you have a busy schedule. How to make the most of Goodreads (if you're an author)

I want to entertain. I write for all audiences: men and women, poker players, the young and the old, Bulgarian authors, lovers of Israel and lovers of good food.

I write for everyone! NO THAT IS NOT CORRECT. I write for myself. Valley of Thracians currently has over 170 reviews on Amazon. Thank you readers! I know the book is good!! But, I didn't write it for you. The story is set in modern day Bulgaria not only because I love Bulgaria, but because no novel written in the West has ever had beautiful Bulgaria as its setting. Possibly the book is unique in the world of literature. But most importantly, I wrote this specific book because it's exactly the kind of book I love to read.

I write my books so that I will be satisfied. I share my writing so that you will be satisfied with me.

All I want to do is share my writing. All I ask of you is to share in return.

I don't know anyone who has built a literary career in this fashion and that is precisely why I chose to do it this way - to be different from everyone else.

My slogan is:


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  1. I'm on this journey, too. And I love. Writing is my life (after family, friends, pets, etc....) But some days, like when I get a rejection or even worse, no response at all, it's a little discouraging. Thanks for writing and sharing your insight. I'll follow your blog, and l look forward to your posts. Best of luck to you! Julie

  2. "How to find time to write if you have a busy schedule." Combining a full time job with writing is the most difficult hurdle to balance. I wish one day I will build a full time career out of writing. I have self published two books

  3. Liked your FB page after reading about you on twitter. You seem to be an interesting person and hope to read more.