Friday, June 14, 2024

"A brilliant short story collection" - review

Rakiya: Stories of Bulgaria is a short story collection comprised of eleven short stories designed to introduce the reader not only to a set of interesting characters, but also to the culture, politics and history of Bulgaria. Set against the backdrop of the city, the mountains and caves of significant historical value, Rakiya explores a variety of different stories that in certain aspects, every reader can relate to.

For me, the highlight of this collection is how Shuman intertwines multiple stories, either through characters, or through the historical/geographical locations explored. This added a layer of continuity and connection to the collection.

The wide variety of the stories, yet their ability to connect the stories to each other demonstrates how masterfully each story is woven. The vivid imagery and ability of the author to evoke such powerful emotions through his writing demonstrates his craftsmanship. If you are interested in exploring new cultures through literature, this is definitely a collection for you!

Read the full review on The Pen Not the Sword.

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