Wednesday, January 20, 2021

What’s better than having your short story published online?

A package was delivered to my home yesterday. I quickly opened the DHL envelope and pulled out the thick blue magazine. The December edition of Adelaide Literary Magazine. My story “Mother and Daughter” is on page 105.

“Mother and Daughter” was published online last month and you can read it here. Three other short stories I wrote were also posted online during the month of December, for a total of six during 2020. It is always exciting to have your writing recognized, to see your name appear online, and to be able to share your writing with others. But there is definitely something to be said for having your story published in print, and to actually hold the magazine in your hands.

Adelaide Literary Magazine is an independent monthly literary magazine based in New York and Lisbon. The December edition of the magazine, including my story, can be purchased on Amazon.

Another story of mine will also appear in print. “Rakiya,” published online by Vagabond, Bulgaria's first and only high-end English monthly magazine, will be included in its print edition as well.

And finally, I just received notification that another story of mine will be published online. This is my first acceptance of 2021, with hopes that there will be many more to follow. Details of that story will be provided very soon.

Short stories:

The Cave

The Volcano

The Baker

Mother and Daughter

The Bear


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