Saturday, June 13, 2020

I Am Looking for My Next Book to Read

Here’s the deal: Having self-published two novels and a collection of short stories, I know how difficult it is for new authors to find readers and get reviews for their books. I want to help!

I am looking for a novel/s to buy and read. I will endeavor to post an honest review (on my blog, on Amazon, on social media). Honest review. This means clearly stating if I like or don’t like the book; what works in the book and what doesn’t; and whether it’s well-written (no spelling and/or grammar errors).

I am interested in a Kindle digital book that I can purchase and download from Amazon.

If you’re looking for a buyer/reader/reviewer – quite possibly you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s what to do: See if your novel fits into the genres I read and if so, pitch it to me in the comments on this page.

I enjoy reading:
* Suspense / Thrillers
* Crime / Detective / Mystery
* Novels in unusual settings and countries
* Literary fiction
* Anything related to Israel
* Anything related to Bulgaria

I am NOT interested in reading:
* Young Adult
* Dystopian fiction
* Fantasy / Paranormal
* Science fiction
* Horror
* Women’s fiction / Chick lit / Romance
* Books with a religious theme
* Graphic novels

I support indie writers, self-published authors, and the writing community. So, what are you waiting for? Comment and pitch me your book!

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    1. Pitch me the book - tell me why I should read it?

  2. If you're up for a collection of unusual short stories, please check out "Speaking with Strangers."
    Here's the Amazon link:

    1. Sounds interesting - I bought the book!

    2. Here is my review: