Saturday, January 13, 2018

I Had Never Considered Writing about Bulgaria until…

At the end of 2008 I was summoned into my boss’s office. I worked in online marketing at a mid-level management position and I thought I was handling the work pretty well. My boss informed me that the position was being relocated from Israel, where I live, to Bulgaria.

In January 2009, I arrived in Sofia with my wife to start a two-year relocation of the job. I had never previously been to Bulgaria and I had never lived before in Europe. I was born in the United States and Israel has been my home since I was as a teenager. Living in Bulgaria would not only be an exciting challenge to my career, but also an adventure.

I found working at a desk in a Bulgarian office to be very similar to working at a desk in Tel Aviv. I eagerly looked forward to the weekends, when my wife and I set forth to explore the country which had become our temporary home.

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  1. your book annotations alone coupled with your illustrations just lifted me above writing exclusively for fulfillment which i m sure also seized you -as Wole Soyinka,Nobel Laureate,1986 will say 'seized you by the scruff of the neck'.I also observed that you adorned your blog and print novels with common & peculiar visuals of Israel & who knows how much of them are also Bulgaria landscape.It runs pretty abundantly with novelists and poets form Isreal or isreali-Americans,notably Ilana Haley ,also a product of Kibbutz is hilariously literally one of them. Your blog isnt an un eventful guest house for writers or poets or media workers it should be revisited on purpose and who knows same applies for those who will like to enrich their online libraries or offline garrets there should be no regret