Friday, August 4, 2017

Editing My Novel, a Year after It Was Published

Just over a year ago, my second novel was traditionally published. There was a book signing and official presentations by my editor and publisher. I was interviewed on television, twice, and there were write-ups in online media. My novel was featured prominently in bookshop windows. Readers were anxious to get their hands on a copy.

For someone who has aspired to be an author all his life, this sounds like a dream come true. Yet, something is a bit unusual in my story. A year after my book’s publication, I am now hard at work editing it.

My novel, The Burgas Affair, was traditionally published in May 2016 by Ciela, the leading publishing house in Bulgaria. The book that I wrote, in English, was translated into Bulgarian and it was in that language that the book made its world premiere. I should mention that I don’t speak Bulgarian! But, because my wife and I lived in Sofia for two years I have many contacts in Bulgaria, and it was with their kind assistance that I managed to sign a book deal with the Bulgarian publisher.

The Burgas Affair has yet to be published in English, the language I wrote it in. That will soon change!

This spring, the original manuscript was professionally edited by a freelance editor with whom I’ve worked in the past. In addition to simple grammatical corrections she also listed more than 250 comments and questions, every one of them requiring careful consideration as I worked my way through the manuscript. After I finished handling the revisions it was time for a round of self-editing. That process is almost complete.

The original, English language version of The Burgas Affair will soon be published. It will be a bit different from the previously published Bulgarian edition. You are invited to compare the two versions! The book’s cover has been professionally designed as well. It, too, will be slightly different to the cover that appeared on the book in Bulgaria.

And so, a year after my novel was traditionally published, I am busy with final edits. I hope you will soon be able to enjoy the results!

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