Thursday, June 23, 2016

Scenes from a Book Launch

It is every author's dream to see his/her book published and promoted at an official book launch. My dream came true, but in a different language!

On June 16th, my novel БYPГАСКАТА АФЕРА (THE BURGAS AFFAIR) was presented at the main Ciela book store in Sofia. The book made its world premiere in the Bulgarian language, as it has not yet been published in English.

THE BURGAS AFFAIR is a fictional account of the aftermath of the terrorist attack at the airport in Burgas, Bulgaria, in July 2012. In the book, a Bulgarian policeman is teamed up with an Israeli woman from the Mossad as they work a case involving international terrorists and local criminals in both Bulgaria and Israel, while confronting the traumas of their pasts.

The book was published in Sofia by Ciela, the leading Bulgarian publishing house. At the book launch I was introduced and asked a number of questions about my connection to Bulgaria and the background for the book.

Why Bulgaria? you may ask. My job was relocated to Sofia on a two-year contract in 2009-2010 and since my return home to Israel I have been writing frequently about Bulgaria. My article in The Huffington Post "10 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Bulgaria" went viral in Bulgaria and my first novel, VALLEY OF THRACIANS, is also set in the country.

As much as I was excited to launch my book in Sofia and share my writing with Bulgarian readers, I am very eager to see THE BURGAS AFFAIR published in English. I look forward to that book launch!

With my wife Jodie, the Ciela PR team and Dimitar my editor at Ciela.


  1. What a wonderful and rewarding event -- and а unique accomplishment! Congratulations, or, as we sometimes say, честито! Bravo! Браво!

  2. Looks like a terrific experience! May we all generate such excitement with our books!! Hope you sold that whole row and more.
    I enjoyed "Valley of the Thracians," and I look forward to reading your new book when it's published in English.
    And oh, yes, I loved Bulgaria when I visited there for a few days a decade ago.

  3. Mazal Tov Ellis! This is an incredible accomplishment!

  4. Congrats, Ellis! A wonderful milestone, and many more to come.

  5. Congratulations and bravo!! Definitely a dream come true and I know your English deal will follow!

    That Rebel, OJ/Olivia