Monday, March 21, 2016

The Faces of Israel

This video, produced by Yehuda Gelb of YG Productions, shows the many faces of Israel - religious, secular, young, old, Jewish, Arab, Israeli-born, and new immigrants.

"After watching this video how can you not be proud to be a part of Israel!" the video is subtitled, and yes, watching the video makes one forget about the troubles and struggles of living in modern day Israel.

In a blog article on The Times of Israel, Gelb acknowledges that "Israel is not perfect nor will it ever be. God knows how many flaws this country has and how much of a way it still has to go."

Every Israeli is different - "different background, family, traditions and life style yet we live together and that is our strength."

Gelb's video is a celebration of unity at a time when this is so often lacking. "Let us celebrate Israel," he says. This video is part of that celebration.

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