Thursday, February 4, 2016

Murder at the Final Table

Professional poker player Tommy Jackson should be on top of the world. He just finished playing a grueling day of poker, outlasting more than 1,000 entrees to reach the final table at a WSOP tournament. First place is more than $800,000 and Jackson is the favorite to win the cash as well as the coveted World Series of Poker bracelet.

"Winning bracelets is a status thing for us pros," Jackson thinks. The only problem is that the WSOP Final Table is Jackson's final Final Table. The night before the conclusion of the event, Jackson is murdered.

In the novel Drawing Dead by Rick Fuller, Las Vegas homicide detective Ryan Tyler is called to the Rio convention center, where the World Series of Poker is being staged. For Tyler, major crimes in Las Vegas casinos "can be a true nightmare" and this murder is no exception. When he arrives at the scene, a colleague fills him in how the body was discovered.

“They were all set to start the final table and he hadn’t shown up yet. I guess it’s not completely unusual to be late for the start of a tournament, but no one is ever late for the final table start—too much money is at stake.”

What does a tournament director do when it is discovered that one of the finalists has been murdered? The tournament was stopped due to ‘technical issues,” he tells the players, but everyone, including ESPN, which is filming the event, is getting curious where chipleader Jackson is.

Tyler, along with his partner Jenny Quinn, must get to the bottom of the investigation as soon as possible. At first Jackson’s murder seems like a simple case, one that should be solved by reviewing security camera footage, but there's a slight problem in the fact that the doors of the hotel bedroom where he was murdered were locked from the inside.

Not everything about Jackson's life is what it seemed. The investigation takes Tyler and Quinn to the poker tables, both live and online, as Jackson was sponsored by one of the leading online poker rooms. Is his murderer one of the other tournament finalists? Or possibly someone from the poker industry? The case must be solved before the bodies of dead poker players start piling up.

The novel Drawing Dead is not only a fun read, but also a very realistic introduction to the dark corners of the world of poker. The novel will be enjoyed not only by avid poker players and fans, but by anyone interested in an enjoyable combination of suspense, mystery and humor. Detective Ryan Tyler will soon be back in the second book of this crime mystery series.

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