Wednesday, May 27, 2015

10 Reasons Why I "Dig" Dig

If you haven’t seen "Dig", the American mystery/action-thriller television series that premiered on USA Network in March, I highly recommend it. I have watched 9 out of the 10 episodes, and the only reason that I haven't watched the last one is that I'm so tired that I must to go to sleep now.

This show has special meaning for me, because most of the action takes place in Jerusalem, the city that is right next door to where I live. The series is very, very Israeli. It was written by Gideon Raff, the Israeli film and television director, screenwriter and writer best known for the award-winning 2010 Israeli television drama series "Prisoners of War" (which he created, wrote and directed) and its acclaimed adaptation, "Homeland" (for which he won two Primetime Emmy Awards).

I have to admit - it took me a few episodes to really get into this show, and there are some parts that slow it down, but the good elements make it very, very watchable. Need I say more? Yes, I will. I present you with 10 reasons why I absolutely adore this show.

1) The action takes place in Jerusalem. I recognize the scenery, the streets, the Old City walls. This is really Jerusalem.

2) Archaeology. A lot of the action takes place underground, where digs are actually taking place.

3) The Dead Sea sect. And the Dead Sea Scrolls. These mysterious parts of Israel's ancient past play a role here. I am hooked!

4) Suspense. It keeps growing from episode to episode. I can't wait to watch the finale! DO NOT COMMENT WITH SPOILERS!

5) Surprise twists. Again. And again. And what?!? I can't believe what I just saw!

6) Good acting. Anne Heche is incredible in her role. Jason Isaacs is pretty good as the FBI Special Agent. Israeli lead Ori Pfeiffer is completely believable in his role as Detective Golan Cohen. And Alison Sudol – how can you not fall completely in love with her?

7) Witty dialogue. Example: "How do you know him?" Answer: "We share parents." Who wrote these amazing lines?

8) Realistic characters. Characters do get hurt. Scars remain. And yes, some will die. But do they really die?

9) Hebrew dialogue. Okay, I have an advantage here, but you can read the subtitles. The dialogue is the way Israelis really talk.

10) One very hot sex scene. I had to wait 9 episodes until I saw it, and it is toned down to be suitable for network television, but it was still hot! And steamy.

And one more reason: I don't understand everything that is happening!

Need I say more?

Watch Dig!

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