Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Reading in the Dark

"Lights out!"

When I was a young boy, this parental request meant an end to my nightly reading adventures, whether they be solving mysteries with the Hardy Boys or traveling 20,000 leagues under the sea with Jules Verne. In those days, I was obedient to a fault. The lights in my bedroom invariably went out at chapter's end. I never read books by flashlight because I could barely breathe under the covers.

Four decades later and my reading preferences and habits have changed. Now, the words "Lights out" declared in my conjugal bedroom signal a start to the night's literary activities. My wife and I fire up our tablets, turn off the lights, and start reading in the dark.

I teamed up with Maggie James, Bristol-based author of psychological novels including Sister, Psychopath, His Kidnapper's Shoes, and Guilty Innocence, to raise the question of what is better for late-night reading in the digital age. A dedicated e-reader or an all purpose tablet?

What is your preferred method of reading in the dark?

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  1. E-reader. E-readers are smaller, lighter in weight, and easier to handle in the dark. I have a Nook but I have considered a Kindle-Fire.

  2. Kindle-Fire is also what I'm going to go for, whenever I can get one.