Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Read "Searching for Seinfeld" for Free

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld played a small, but crucial role in Israel's history. Like many other idealistic youth who later became well-known celebrities - including Bob Hoskins, Sacha Baron Cohen, Sigourney Weaver, and Helen Mirren - Seinfeld volunteered, age 17, on a kibbutz.

In the story "Searching for Seinfeld" from my book The Virtual Kibbutz, a reporter sets out on Seinfeld's trail, tracking down the days he spent on a kibbutz in Israel. How did Jerry like getting up early in the morning to work the fields? The answer, based on the real story, involves bananas!

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What this means is an online, visually pleasing, digital book that is an absolute pleasure to read. I am proud to offer my short story for your reading pleasure on the site. Share this with your friends!

Click to read "Searching for Seinfeld".

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  1. Great story! Was the story published somewhere else? In a newspaper? Probably in Hebrew, I'd guess. Do you have an English translation of the newspaper story? Or was this story it?