Monday, March 3, 2014

The Incident with the Beard

So, who knew that shaving a month's growth of beard would clog up the bathroom sink?

And who knew that pouring some Plumber's Aid down the drain wouldn't do a thing?

And who knew that trying to loosen the plastic pipes under the sink would just cause it to leak?

And who knew that pouring industrial strength drain cleaner down the pipes would burn holes in the tubing, only making the leak much worse?

All's well that ends well. We called in our repairman neighbor. The sink was unclogged and the pipes replaced.

And I managed to get the dirty laundry drawer back into place when the repairman couldn't figure out how to do it!

I've grown a beard three times in my life. The first was during my long-haired teenage years, and the second was when my father died nearly seven years ago. For the record, I do not enjoy having wiry, scratchy, unruly hair growing on my face.

My wife has promised to list in her will that if she dies before me, I would not be required to grow a beard as a sign of mourning.

(For those who don't understand why I grew a beard for 30 days, please read "The Comfort of Jewish Mourning Customs").


  1. After losing my mother I think I would have welcomed your tradition. I'm 50. I could probably grow a beard - at least one or two convincing chin hairs - but alas, my hairdresser won't allow it. Thanks for the chuckle as one who is currently having her pump pulled out of the well after we mysteriously lost our water pressure.

  2. Reminds me of the time I decided to hang an old fashioned hand crank coffee grinder in our new house. Used the stud finder to find a stud, got out my handy dandy electric drill and started drilling. Got it all hung nicely... and two hours later, my daughter took a bath and water started pouring out from behind the coffee grinder. It wasn't a stud I'd found, but the water pipe from the tub upstairs. Nice to know I'm not the only one who as Adventures in Plumbing!