Friday, March 15, 2013

Valley of Thracians is Free for Kindle

If you haven't yet gotten your copy, now is the time to download Valley of Thracians for Kindle. The ebook is free through the weekend and with just one click, you can have it delivered to you wherever you are in the world.

The free promotion is the latest effort on my part to introduce as many readers as possible to my suspense novel. Up until now, the response to the book's publication has been very good, with sales of both the Kindle and paperback editions.

The free Kindle edition is rapidly climbing Amazon's rankings. As of the last time I looked the book was ranked 11th in the Action and Adventure category and 16th in the Suspense category, with an overall ranking of 491st of all free Kindle books available.

Here are excerpts of some of the reviews readers are posting on the book's Amazon page:

A Gripping Read = This book just draws you in. Quick and smart characterization makes you know and genuinely like the people you meet in this novel right off the bat. While this book is indeed an engaging mystery, it is just as much a pleasant journey and exploration of a world you probably have never seen. The style of the writing is tight, unpretentious, and vivid.


Mystery in a Strange Land = Ellis' book can be described as a "travel fiction" since the story hinges as much on the setting as on the main characters. Both are developed expertly and the interplay is seamless as the story unfolds. As we follow the twists and turns of the plot we are treated to fascinating lessons in Bulgarian culture, geography, customs and folkways, mores and ways of thinking. The writer's observations about the country are always relevant to the action, as well as being informative and fascinating.


Valley of Thracians
= I couldn't put this gem of a novel down. It includes an intriguing plot and fascinating characters, one of which is a Peace Corps volunteer, in a beautiful, mysterious, and exotic country. Shuman's prose is lyrical at moments and very moving in its descpritions of the Bulgarian countryside.


Fascinating Glimpse Into Another World
= This book succeeds on three different levels - as a mystery, as a chance to explore Bulgaria, a land I would imagine that most readers know little about, and as an warm and compelling family drama. I was absorbed at once and it helped me pleasurably pass a long plane trip! Recommended!

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