Friday, January 4, 2013

The Virtual Kibbutz Now Available for Kindle

I am pleased to announce that The Virtual Kibbutz, my debut collection of short stories, has been re-published and is now available for Kindle. In the weeks to come, the book will also be available at Barnes & Noble and for other e-reading devices.

I originally published The Virtual Kibbutz in April 2003 with iUniverse, which at the time was the best option for self-publishing. In August last year I canceled my iUniverse contract and removed the book from their catalog. Please read the article I posted at the time explaining my decision to leave iUniverse.

In preparation for the re-publishing of The Virtual Kibbutz, I decided to redesign the cover. The new artwork was prepared by Shiran Waldman, a former colleague of mine, and is based on a photograph of kibbutzim in the Jezreel Valley in northern Israel.

The stories in The Virtual Kibbutz are the same as those that appeared in the original version of the book, however I utilized the occasion of its republishing to do a major editing overall. Grammatical errors, incorrect punctuation, and occasional spelling mistakes have all disappeared and I am confident that the new version is much smoother and easier to read.

As a reader, I am sure that the stories included in The Virtual Kibbutz will give you a good introduction to the changing society of the kibbutz. These are the stories of Israel's unique community, of the changes and dilemmas it faces, and of the hopes, challenges and dreams of those who continue to call the kibbutz their home.

The message of these stories comes across as clearly in 2013 as it did ten years ago, when the book was originally published.

You can purchase The Virtual Kibbutz at Amazon.

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